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Before starting the cooling tower please follow the below procedure.

CLEANING: Remove dirt and trash accumulated in the hot water distribution basins. Clean clogged nozzles. Use a water hose to flush out any sediment from cold water basins, sump and screens.

OPERATE WATER SYSTEM: Open all hot water flow control valves. Start the circulating water pumps. Increase the flow of circulating water gradually to design water rate to avoid surges or water hammer which could damage the distribution piping or hot water deck. Circulate water over the tower continuously for two days before starting mechanical equipment and putting the tower into continuous operation.

INSPECTION:  You must inspect all operating assemblies before they are placed in operation. Please follow the following inspection procedure before starting the tower.

1. Check tightness of the following bolted joints in the fan and drive assemblies:

             a. Fan hub damp bolts.

          b. Fan hub cover bolts.

          c. Gear reducer and motor mounting bolts.

          d. Drive shaft coupling and guard bolts.

2. Rotate fan by hand to be sure of free rotation and ample tip clearance.

3. Check motor insulation.

4. Lubricate the motor according to motor manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Test run each fan separately for a short time. Check for excessive vibration or unusual noise. Fan must rotate clockwise when viewed from above. Recheck gear reducer oil level, when gear box is installed.

6. Check functioning of make-up water supply.

7. Make sure the blow down or bleed-off will carry the proper amount of water.



FILLING THE WATER SYSTEM:  Fill the cold water basin and circulating water system until the operating water level is reached. Completely open all hot water flow control valves, and start circulating water pumps. Increase the flow of circulating water gradually to avoid surges or water hammer which could damage the distribution piping. adjust valves to equalize the hot water depth in the distribution basin. Lock valves in desired open position with valve locking bar.

Clean the sump screens several times during the first weeks of operation. After this,  clean sump screen as required.



TOWER PERFORMANCE: Keep the tower clean and the water distribution uniform to obtain continued maximum cooling capacity do not allow excessive deposits of scale or algae to build up on the fills or Drift Eliminators. Keep the metering orifices free of debris to assure correct distribution and cooling of water.

The capacity of tower to cool water to a given cold water temperature varies with the wet bulb temperature and the heat load on the tower. As the wet bulb temperature drops, the cold water temperature also drops. However, the cold water temperature does not drop as much as the wet bulb temperature.

Please remember, a tower does not control the heat load. The quantity of the water circulated determines the cooling range for a given heat load. The hot and cold water temperature  increases with higher heat loads.

COLD WATER COLLECTING BASIN : The normal water depth in a concrete basin is 9 to 15 inches below the curve. Adjust the makeup water supply to maintain this water level. Low operating depths of the water require air baffles under the fill to prevent air bypass. Maintain sufficient water depth to prevent cavitations.

HOT WATER DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM : Keep metering orifices clean and in place in distribution basins. Adjust water flow to the same depth in the distribution of all cells. Design water depth varies from 4” to 7” depending upon design circulating water rate. If a major change in the quantity of water to be circulated over the tower is to be water break-up and maintain the proper water level.